We know that cooperative enterprise can be transformative for members and the communities they serve. We know that co-ops keep more money in their local economy, are better able to weather economic downturns, and are an important vehicle for building community wealth. It’s time to let the world in on our secret! Get your phone and let the world know why Cooperation Works!

Tell us why CooperationWorks! We want to hear from cooperators, co-op supporters, and CW members about why cooperation works for you! Participants are asked to submit videos of no more than 1-minute to tell the world:

  • Why they are members of CooperationWorks and how this network supports their work and the co-op movement,


  • How cooperation has bettered their life and community.


Participants should use a video camera or phone to record a video no more than one minute in length answering the prompt. Video resolution should be a minimum of 720p (available on most smartphones). Videos should be shot in landscape (not portrait) orientation.

Each video can feature one or more speakers. We encourage you to get creative! Participants may submit more than one video. Videos can be submitted by individuals or organizations.

This challenge will run from Tuesday, January 10th – Friday, February 17th.

All videos should be submitted here and posted to one or more of the following social media sites:

  • Mastodon
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok

When posted online, videos should tag CooperationWorks (where applicable) and use the following hashtags:

  • @CoopWorks (Twitter)
  • #CooperationWorks
  • #Coops
  • #BuildCoops
  • #CoopsWork
  • #WhyICooperate
  • #WhyCoop
  • #twinpinevalentine (for those submitted close to the challenge deadline)

How Winners Are Selected

We can’t wait to hear from cooperators across the United States about why cooperation works for them! While we’re sure that all submissions will be winners, we’re offering up a bevy of prizes to those who cooperate a little more. Our panel of judges will evaluate submissions based on:

  • Inspiration – Do more people want to cooperate because of your video?
  • Creativity – Is your message shared in a way that is attention-catching and innovative?
  • Clarity – Does your submission help people better understand cooperatives and/or the role CooperationWorks plays in the national cooperative ecosystem?


Top Co-operator: One comped registration* for attendance to one of The Art and Science of Cooperative Development trainings. These include:

  • Building Blocks: Cooperative Basics, Building Capacity, and Developing Leadership
  • Toolkit Implementation: Practical Application of Tools and Skills for Cooperative Developers
  • Finance Fundamentals: Financial Analysis for New Cooperatives

*Does not cover associated costs, like travel and lodging

Second Place: A $150 gift card to a cooperative

Third Place: A $100 gift card to a cooperative

People’s Choice: We know the voice of the people matter! In addition to our judge’s choices, we want to know who the public wants to win too! The People’s Choice Award will go to the videos that has the most likes (1 pt), comments (2 pts.) and shares (3 pts.). The people’s choice winner will also receive one comped registration to an Art & Science training of their choice.

The challenge closes on the Spring Equinox, Tuesday March 21st! We will announce the winning cooperators on Friday, March 24th!

Happy Cooperating!