The Legacy Tour Videos

Starting July 8, 2019, the Northwest Cooperative Development Center will begin posting the video modules from the Legacy Project workshops with Linda Phillips and Jason Wiener. Sign up to the newsletter to receive notification when they actually post and join the conversation at to ask questions, discuss employee ownership, and build connections to support worker co-ops in the PNW.

Check out the Legacy channel here.

  • July 8th         Module 1      “Introduction and Benefits”
  • July 15th       Module 2      “Readiness, Planning, and Exploration”
  • July 22nd      Module 3     “Entity Choices”
  • July 29th       Module 4     “Tax Considerations”
  • August 5th    Module 5      “Financial Planning”
  • August 12th  Module 6      “Succession Case Studies”
  • August 19th  Module 7      “New Structure and Maintenance”

Development of the Project

In the first round of the Legacy Project, NWCDC focused on 19 communities in the Pacific Northwest. These communities were chosen due to a number of factors including being centrally located to their region, previous cooperative projects, and connection to a Small Business Development Center or other Economic Development network among other factors.