Snippets provide a brief overview of a project assisted by a CW Member.

Name of Cooperative: Kingstown Green Eco-Friendly Caskets

Sector: Worker Cooperative

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Hartford, CT

Co-op Developer(s)/TA Provider(s): Corrigan Consulting, LLC

Funder(s): Cooperative Fund of the Northeast, The Working World

Number of Jobs Created or Saved: 4, and working up to 11!

Project Overview: A new worker cooperative was created to build and sell Green Burial certified wooden caskets, based a patented designed created by a founder. Corrigan Consulting assisted the group to create a financial plan, secure financing from Coop Fund of the North East and The Working World, and purchase a production facility. The co-op is currently building out their facility and producing their first production run of caskets for sale this year.

Economic Impact: The goal is to grow to provide 11 full-time, high quality jobs in a business where employees can invest in and benefit from the long-term success of the co-op. Casket building is a traditional craft that we wish to pass on to the next generation, while providing beauty and peace to the passing generation.