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Unions and Co-ops: Gem City Market

2 years ago

A look at a multi-stakeholder cooperative with a worker-owner member class and bylaws that state neutrality toward union formation....


Steps to Organizing a Cooperative

3 years ago

Margaret Bau, long-time cooperative developer with the USDA, introduces us to the process of cooperative development and leads us...

Co-op 101 Videos from Indiana Cooperative Development Center

Need a quick explanation for what a co-op is? How to start one? Information on different types of cooperatives? Check out these explainer videos from the Indiana Cooperative Development Center to get a jump start on your co-op education!

Videos from the California Center for Cooperative Development


 When workers join together to achieve the same goals, great things happen. Meaningful work includes doing work you enjoy, earning a fair wage, having a say in how the workplace operates, and equally sharing the profits. All of these are possible in a worker cooperative! Learn more in this series from the California Center for Cooperative Development.

Cuando los trabajadores se unen para lograr los mismos objetivos, suceden grandes cosas. El trabajo significativo incluye hacer un trabajo que disfruta, ganar un salario justo, tener voz y voto en cómo funciona el lugar de trabajo y compartir las ganancias de manera equitativa. ¡Todo esto es posible en una cooperativa de trabajadores! Obtenga más información en esta serie del California Center for Cooperative Development.

Videos from the Northwest Cooperative Development Center Marketing Symposium

Learn how to Market Our Cooperative Advantage with this six-video series from the Northwest Cooperative Development Center.

CW! Equity Hub

Stories from Our Members

Curious about what CW members actually do? Check out these fantastic projects that members of this network have supported with technical assistance, training, and education. Cooperatives create economies that work for communities!

These co-op stories from are CW member Keystone Development Center. See more of their success stories here!