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“We’re at a moment when getting a meeting about worker cooperatives with pretty high profile [political] offices was pretty easy... We have to show up and talk to them... and I’m excited abou...

5 hours agoInstitute_coopInstitute_coop

Our Todd Leverette and Roodline Volcy are talking through conversions to employee ownership and how to start up a worker-owner business here at 👏🏽

22 hours agoInstitute_coopInstitute_coop

Final stop: Tubman House, a community space and garden started by local prison abolitionists. “Our vision is for people in this community to grow their own futures”

2 days agoworkingworldorgworkingworldorg

Cherry Hill is a three part operation - community beds where folks can grow their own, a commercial garden growing food for sale in the community, and cultural celebrations...

2 days agoworkingworldorgworkingworldorg

“We’re not building a cooperative grocery store for fun. We’re not building it just because it’s politically aligned. We’re building it because it is necessary”. Eric

2 days agoworkingworldorgworkingworldorg

Eric from on the strength and struggles of community organizing - “The idea that we should invest in ourselves - that’s not a foreign idea here, but it is one where we need to build...

2 days agoworkingworldorgworkingworldorg

Next up, we’re visiting Cherry Hill Urban Community Garden by the Institute who are fighting food apartheid through black land ownership and food sovereignty

2 days agoworkingworldorgworkingworldorg

WAshington's 16th Resident Owned Community on the Way - Estates Homeowners Cooperative voted to become a Resident Owned Co-op. This seniors community is located in Cen...

2 days agoNWCoopDevCtrNWCoopDevCtr

If you’re at , check out our staff members Todd and Roodline, who will be presenting separately tomorrow on employee ownership conversions and starting a worker cooperative.

2 days agoInstitute_coopInstitute_coop

Next up, Joseph is telling us about . They got started to support folks returning from prison, for whom one of the biggest barriers to success is finding a job. Recidivism in Baltimore i...

2 days agoworkingworldorgworkingworldorg

in Baltimore came together and partnered with us to start a local loan fund. Baltimore Roundtable for Economic Democracy provides non-extractive lending and employs worker owners...

2 days agoworkingworldorgworkingworldorg

Now we’re hearing from folks at . “Working in a coop has totally changed my life. This is the first job I’ve really cared about, and that comes from feeling respected at work....

2 days agoworkingworldorgworkingworldorg
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