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How can we support previously incarcerated folks in creating and sustaining their economic livelihood (since we know there are barriers to seeking employment with a record)? Here's a story with an ...

9 hours agoPhillyCoopsPhillyCoops

This Thursday, hear how South Mountain Company has planned their succession over time and built trust to ultimately distribute leadership from the founding CEO to a team of leaders. Register for th...

15 hours agoInstitute_coopInstitute_coop

Great profile on DAWI's Zen Trenholm's ecosystem building work! "I believe cities can play a vital role in creating conditions for equitable & shared prosperity so I get to help equip them with the...

4 days agoInstitute_coopInstitute_coop

"When we run our workplaces, we have effectively organized ourselves & seized power & we can make real demands on capital & real demands on political power. Running for office as a worker leader no...

5 days agoPhillyCoopsPhillyCoops

“A lot of co-op building work may be technical, but panelists at the conference stressed the mutual dependence and interplay of the organizing and business development work.”

5 days agoPhillyCoopsPhillyCoops

UWCC has conducted the first national compilation of U.S. Latinx cooperatives of all co-op types and sectors! Amongst the findings: Latinx co-ops can be found across the country and are not limited...

5 days agoInstitute_coopInstitute_coop

Check out this write up on The Worker Coop Conference! Melissa Hoover, DAWI: “the work of the future is the work of actively building that future—creating it, expanding it, contending for power...

6 days agoInstitute_coopInstitute_coop

“The goal of this fund is to help business owners have another option in terms of consider potentially selling to their workers. Who’s more invested in this business staying aro...

6 days agoInstitute_coopInstitute_coop

Tomorrow! Don't miss DAWI's Zen Trenholm in a roundtable discussion on how worker cooperatives can provide a viable alternative for baby boomers approaching retirement, especially for the businesse...

7 days agoInstitute_coopInstitute_coop

Calling all mutual aid organizers! Check out this toolkit from that includes things like how to legally structure mutual aid systems, taxation of crowdfunding donations, and more.

1 week agoPhillyCoopsPhillyCoops

"This is a one time opportunity to transfer wealth to Black and Brown people. That’s what the Legacy Fund is about. We are here to demonstrate that that works at scale.” Philip Reeves from DAWI...

2 weeks agoInstitute_coopInstitute_coop
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