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From a poll of 1,054 registered voters: "In terms of how local business support should be targeted, 76% would support prioritizing employee-owned businesses."

17 hours agoPhillyCoopsPhillyCoops

"Because worker-owned co-ops function differently from other businesses, they build equity and ownership for care workers, who have been historically marginalized in an extractive economy." Thanks ...

4 days agoPhillyCoopsPhillyCoops

National Rural Health Day - Celebrates National Rural Health Day USDA is recognizing National Rural Health Day today to applaud the many contributions to address the u...

4 days agoNWCoopDevCtrNWCoopDevCtr

"The objective of the fund is to create a small pool of values aligned financing to invest in business expansion and growth for cooperatively-owned businesses poised for growth and traditional comp...

4 days agoInstitute_coopInstitute_coop

Hear from DAWI's Zen Trenholm how worker-ownership can help alleviate the widening racial wealth gap, the capital gap for entrepreneurs & business owners of color & the growing small business succe...

5 days agoInstitute_coopInstitute_coop

Loving 's Teachgiving series! TODAY—Liberating Land Use: How Zoning Promotes Cultural Genocide & White Supremacy, & How We Can Fight Back. TOMORROW—UnSelling MamaEarth: Povertyskolaz Te...

5 days agoPhillyCoopsPhillyCoops

"Co-ops, community land trusts, public banks, and participatory budgeting are not a panacea, especially if they continue to operate as islands of solidarity in a sea of capitalism."

5 days agoPhillyCoopsPhillyCoops

Registration for Finance Fundamentals is open! Develop the skills to understand and create financials documents to assess feasibility for new co-ops with this intensive five-day training! Register ...

5 days agoCoopWorksCoopWorks
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