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When traveling...stop at a co-op! Great to visit Rutland Area Food Co-op last week. for holiday shopping!

1 day agoNeighborCoopsNeighborCoops

Board perpetuation is a perennial topic for boards. Turnover happens year to year as a cyclical part of board service. So, finding ways to maintain consistently strong governance needs to be a prio...

2 days agoCDS_CCCDS_CC

The Human Connections Fund, established more than a decade ago by North Carolina’s 26 electric cooperatives, allows co-op employees, directors, partners and others in the...

1 week agoNWCoopDevCtrNWCoopDevCtr

"Women and cooperation play a significant role in the Indian economy especially as no other country in the world has a co-operative movement as large and as diverse as India. Even prior...

1 week agoNWCoopDevCtrNWCoopDevCtr

DAWI is thrilled to partner with School of Management and Labor Relations to offer this Certificate Program in Participatory Management. We’re all about sharing the knowledge to make ...

1 week agoInstitute_coopInstitute_coop

"n a limited-equity cooperative, members buy a share in the development, which gives them the right to occupy one of the units. Members pay monthly fees to cover maintenance expenses and...

1 week agoNWCoopDevCtrNWCoopDevCtr

"The Financial Cooperative is infrastructure on behalf of the borrower, and the borrower is the rest of us; it’s not the 1 percent... It’s so radical, but also it’s just really obvious." Lea...

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