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We are 2 days away from our BIG BRONX SANCOCHAZO and we have a very exciting announcement to share! JOIN US!...

3 hours agoGreenWorkerCoopGreenWorkerCoop

We are 4 days away from our BIG BRONX SANCOCHAZO and we have a very exciting announcement to share! JOIN US!...

2 hours agoGreenWorkerCoopGreenWorkerCoop

Worker ownership is a gender justice issue. A new report with data from 180,000 employees across 6,000 companies shows women employees own $0.47 for every dollar of equity owned by their male coll...

1 day agoInstitute_coopInstitute_coop

One week 'till the end of September---still time to pick up Goatlet from Consider Bardwell Farm at NFCA member co-ops like Franklin Community Co-op! Check out this informative tips on cheese storag...

2 days agoNeighborCoopsNeighborCoops

Margo at Detroit Community Wealth Fund - their technical assistance is helping a youth led screenprinting partner with a coop apparel factory and get HUGE event contracts!

3 days agoworkingworldorgworkingworldorg

Joe from “through the faith the Financial Cooperative had in us and our lending program, we’ve already financed school supplies, new tires, and kept a family from being evicted...

3 days agoworkingworldorgworkingworldorg

Now, it’s time to celebrate success. We’re celebrating the wins - everyone standing in this pic has made a loan, is getting repaid, or is developing a loan fund

3 days agoworkingworldorgworkingworldorg

Marnie from , on the joy of getting a loan approved to move money to a made up of workers of color - “It’s about validation, being seen, as much as it is about getting the...

3 days agoworkingworldorgworkingworldorg

So much of the power of this Financial Cooperative network lies in the diversity of our experiences, backed up by the depth of knowledge in both community organizing and business development. SO mu...

3 days agoworkingworldorgworkingworldorg

Margo from Detroit is leading a “game show” this morning - four peer project officers are sharing their experience of bringing loans to our Sustainability Committee for finance approval

3 days agoworkingworldorgworkingworldorg
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