The CW Equity Hub is a series of video resources for the person who is newly enthusiastic about cooperatives and looking to expand their knowledge! While these are geared toward the nascent cooperator, both folks who are new to the field or have been practicing cooperation for decades can get something out of them. With engaging speakers, accessible content, and plenty of spaces or reflection and participation, Equity Hub videos are great for individual learning or for groups starting to develop a co-op together! These resources are free, and always will be! The Equity Hub has been started thanks to generous support from the CHS Foundation and the Cooperative Development Foundation.

While these videos are free, we would love to get a sense of who is benefitting from them. This information will help us understand the impact of the Equity Hub, and potentially help secure funding for additional videos! Please fill out this form to access the link to the first video released in the series, History of US Cooperative Movement. Please note, all questions on the form are optional. We’ll continue to release the four videos throughout 2023! Stay tuned!

CW Equity Hub Videos

  • History of US Cooperative Movements
  • Financial Literacy: Understanding the Basics So You Can Grown Your Co-op!
  • Governance: The Dance of Democracy
  • Feasibility: Will It Work? And How?!


Equity Hub Sponsors

The CHS Foundation: Funded by charitable gifts from CHS since 1947, the CHS Foundation is dedicated to developing a new generation of ag leaders for lifelong success. Through cooperative education, university partnerships and ag leadership programs, the CHS Foundation is helping build a strong agriculture talent pipeline for the future.


Cooperative Development Foundation: The Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) promotes self-help and mutual aid in community, economic, and social development through cooperative enterprise. CDF is a thought leader in the use of cooperatives to create resilient communities, including the housing and care needs of seniors and people living with disabilities. Through its funds, fiscal sponsorships, and fundraising, CDF makes grants and loans that foster cooperative development domestically and abroad. CDF provides recovery grants to cooperatives impacted by disaster, scholarships to train local cooperative leaders, and funding for research and education to advance the understanding of cooperatives. CDF hosts the annual Cooperative Hall of Fame, an event that exists to recognize the accomplishments of outstanding cooperative leaders. The Hall of Fame is held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC every October. CDF also hosts the Co-op 5k, a fun, family-friendly event that brings together cooperators from all sectors in the spring. Both events are major fundraisers for the Foundation.