The Cooperative Sectors days give a borad overview of how we define cooperative sectors and what elements of the business model, ownership structure, and membership can be considered as we describe sectors a co-op may belong to.  Following the overview, we’ll more deeply explore five common cooperative sectors to better understand what distinguishes them.  People registering for Cooperative Sectors Parts I & II should also plan on taking Co-ops 101: The Basics Day on June 30th.

  • July 14th, Tues.: Co-op Sectors I: The General, Consumer, and Worker Day!
    • Cooperative Sectors (1 hour)
    • Worker Cooperatives (1 hour)
    • Consumer Cooperatives (1 hour)
  • July 16th, Thurs.: Co-op Sectors II: The Service, Housing, and Producer Day!
    • Housing Cooperatives (1 hour)
    • Service Cooperatives (1 hour)
    • Producer Cooperatives (1 hour)