Building Blocks is being offered online for 2022. This year, the program will run from Tuesday, June 21st to Thursday, July 21st. Check out the dates below!

Building Blocks provides participants with a strong foundation for the cooperative business model and the cooperative development process. This training introduces the cooperative model and situates it in various historical contexts that have given rise to cooperative movements around the globe. Core curricula for Building Blocks include Co-ops 101, Cooperative Business Model, Feasibility, Governance, Tax and Legal Environment for Cooperatives, Group Dynamics, and Cooperative Ecosystems. Participants will also learn about cooperative sectors and be prompted to think about different ways in which cooperatives may be grouped. Case studies provide in-depth analysis on cooperatives with varied ownership and governance structures, industries, membership, geographies, and communities. Participants should finish Building Blocks with a firm understanding of the cooperative model and its varied ownership and governance structures and how they relate. They should understand the cooperative development process, how policy and legal structure may inhibit or promote their establishment and growth, and the basics of feasibility. They should be able to identify the components of cooperative ecosystems and leave with the tools to assess their own and those of the clients with which they work.

Please note that participants are expected to watch~4.5 hours of pre-session webinar, work with a group to research a historical co-op movement, and put together a case study on a co-op. Please ensure you have time for the pre-work and the sessions themselves!

Agenda will be posted by Friday, April 22nd

Building Blocks 2021 Dates

  • Tuesday, June 21st: Welcome, Networking, and Co-ops 101
  • Thursday, June 23rd: Cooperative Movement Through History and Group Dynamic in a Cooperative Setting
  • Tuesday, June 28th: Tax & Legal Environment for Cooperatives, Intro to Co-op Accounting, Group Work
  • Thursday, June 30th: Cooperative Governance and Cooperative Business Basics
  • Tuesday, July 5th: No session
  • Thursday, July 7th: Intro to Feasibility for Start-up Cooperatives
  • Tuesday, July 12th: Cooperative Sectors
  • Thursday, July 14th: Cooperative Sectors, Continued
  • Tuesday, July 19th: Cooperative Case Studies
  • Thursday, July 21st: Assessing and Building Cooperative Ecosystems, Wrap-up