Co-ops 101: The Basics Day includes three sessions that cover the basics of the cooperative model, cooperative history in the US and globally. Participants for this day are expected to watched several pre-recorded webinar and participate in a research project for the Co-op History presentation. The Co-op History presentation will be highly participatory and participants registered for the full course will be expected to do research prior to the program and present on the history of a specific co-op lineage. Anyone who registers can any other day is expected to take Co-ops 101 as well. This free and intended to serve as a thorough introduction to the cooperative model!

  • August 10th, Tuesday: Co-ops 101: The Basics Day! 11 am – 3 pm CT
    • Co-ops  101 (1.5 hours)
    • Co-op History (2.5 hours)

Are you looking to enroll in the entire training (August 9th-September 2nd)? Click here! If you register for another day, we will apply the $25 for this day to you registration.