The Virginia Foundation for Agriculture, Innovation and Rural Sustainability will assist rural Virginians in developing and advancing their agricultural, economic and social interests to enhance their quality of life.

We provide technical assistance to new and existing rural cooperatives, mutually-owned businesses, farm and forestry associations and communities engaged in improving their economic condition for the mutual benefit of their members/owners/citizens. Technical assistance is provided organizational development and governance, strategic planning, feasibility analysis, business/enterprise/market planning, finance and grant assistance. We are a long standing USDA-funded rural cooperative development center. We assist individual farms, forest landowners and rural business with enterprise feasibility studies, business planning and technical grant assistance. We also work with our collaborators and clients to identify and recommend synergistic opportunities for our client entities and their member/owners. We have expertise in agri-tourism, local food and value-added agriculture enterprises and renewable energy. We offer our services to farm and forest landowners of all sizes and production methods. We are an equal opportunity service provider.