What is the ValueAdded Ag Center Mission?

Foster creation of value added concepts.

What is the ValueAdded Ag Center?

The ValueAdded Agriculture Development Center (VAADC) is funded by sixteen producer based ag commodity groups, trade organizations and cooperatives dedicated to the development of value-added agricultural businesses in South Dakota.

What Services does the ValueAdded Ag Center Provide?

The VAADC provides services to new and existing agri-businesses.
The VAADC facilitates Project Development Steps
The VAADC provides education to projects, partners and the public
The VAADC provides Technical Assistance Services

  • Project Management
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Business Planning
  • Education
  • Funding Access
  • Applied Research
  • Networking

How Can the ValueAdded Ag Center Help You?

The VAADC fits into your value added business idea where we can be of assistance.  Since 1999, the VAADC has been involved in various educational and training programs, participated in numerous producer project meetings and is working with approximately 30 value added agriculture projects on an ongoing basis across the state.  Our goal is to help you facilitate and evaluate your value added business venture and make YOUR idea a reality.