Nebraska Cooperative Development Center

The Nebraska Cooperative Development Center is Nebraska’s center for cooperative based business development. NCDC provides education, training, and technical assistance to cooperatively owned businesses, be it a cooperative, an LLC, or other business structure.We are committed to creating sustainable communities in Nebraska where people work together to meet their needs and reach their goals. Our center provides technical assistance, education, and training for developing and existing groups. Our services are available for all types of business enterprises.

For over a decade the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska Coop-erative Development Center (NCDC) has been working with start-up and established “multi-owner” businesses throughout the state. NCDC is Nebraska’s center for cooperative based business development. We help facilitate the formation of new business ventures and growth of existing businesses by providing technical assistance, training and education programs.

Cooperative businesses are unique because they are autonomous associations of people united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise. NCDC works with groups who incorporated or have an interest in forming cooperatives, LLCs and other “multi-owner” businesses.

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