The Keystone Development Center’s (KDC) mission is to sustain communities, economies, and resources through cooperatively-owned businesses.  A non-profit organization, incorporated in 1999, KDC’s mission is to provide technical and research assistance to groups who wish to organize as cooperatives.  Through these efforts we strive to meet the economic and business development needs of rural and non-rural areas in the multi-state area of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware.

KDC believes that the cooperative-business model can enable people to mitigate business risk and provide themselves with services at an economic advantage.  Priority is given to new and emerging groups, especially in areas that are under-served and financially challenged by providing technical assistance, access to financial resources, and links to other supporting organizations.

Services offered include meeting facilitation, co-op education, bylaws and incorporation, member equity drives, feasibility analysis, market research, business planning, financial modeling, board development, management development, organizational analysis, administrative systems, IT services, cooperative law and cooperative taxes.

Keystone Development Center’s experienced team can assist any business sector and clients represent diverse areas including Agricultural Marketing, Food Cooperatives, Purchasing, Shared Services, Broadband, Energy/Utilities, and more.