C2BE provides legal, business-planning, marketing, and employee-training expertise to help you create living-wage jobs through employee ownership.​

Resilient. Motivated. Engaged. These three words describe self-determined Detroiters who are working for the businesses that they own or are building their businesses. A cooperative (co-op) is what “working together” and “having a voice” in how the business is run looks like – collaborative, team-based and enterprising. The more successful the business, the more profits get shared, which ultimately benefits the team and the community where it lives.

Are you a retiring “Baby Boomer” with a closely-held private company and a commitment to your employees? If the answer to this question is “yes,” C2BE can help you gracefully segue into retirement and avoid the risk of eliminating the quality jobs you dedicated your life to creating. C2BE helps retiring owners facilitate long-term sustainability for their valued workers and ensure the legacy of their company through worker-ownership!

The dynamic needs of worker-owners and neighborhood-based enterprises are much different than what traditional financial institutions have historically supported. When the goal is building sustainable community wealth, the requisite is a strong network of experienced partners dedicated to providing crucial financial and technical services to the grassroots Detroiters powering these new cooperative businesses.

C2BE is helping businesses with succession planning to help avoid the Silver Tsunami that could impact Detroit’s economy over the next 10 years.  By promoting employee ownership C2BE is anchoring local jobs, growing the pool of local owned enterprises, and keeping companies rooted here for the long term.