The Marketing and Outreach Committee is looking for people to join the committee. In addition to being part of the monthly meeting, the M&O Committee is also interested in someone taking on the responsibility of Social Media Updater and Member Profiler. Read on to learn more! Interested in taking on one of these roles? Email John!

 Social Media Updater

This volunteer/membership role would work with the committee but also be responsible to posting updates about CW!, CW!’s members, and other content to the different social media platforms for CooperationWorks! As of now that is basically Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The SMU would work the committee to help set a social media calendar, content themes, and decide which platforms make sense for CW! to engage. It is expected that the position would require about ½ hour a week, in addition to monthly committee meetings. This person will also use social media to connect with and boost members’ posts and events, as well as those of aligned and partner organizations.


Member Profiler

This volunteer/member will interview CW members to create a “profile” for that that will be shared in the members-only newsletter and may be shared in the public-facing newsletter and/or the CW website. This person will choose a different member to profile each month, set up and interview with them, and create a concise but informative and interesting profile on the member. This volunteer will work with the M&O committee to draft questions and ensure continuity of style between profiles. This will take about two hours/month, in addition to monthly committee meetings.