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Join CW on June 18th as we explore how to determine feasibility of homecare worker cooperatives. The field of homecare is notorious for low wages, few or no benefits, and high turnover, yet the need for homecare is going toskyrocket in the coming decade with an aging population.  Homecare workers co-ops offers a needed path for homecare givers to access better wages and benefits, have more control over their schedule, and gain skills to advance in the field. But how do we asssess the feasibility of homecare worker cooperatives? This webinar will include the insider persepctive of industry expert Katrina Kazda of the ICA Group and the perspective of Deborah Craig – a co-op developer with the Northwest Cooperative Development Center working with a homecare cooperative. From these presenters, we’ll explore:

  • Overview of the homecare industry – private vs. public, impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, how regulations and condition vary state-by-stare
  • Economic and group dynamic factors critical for success
  • Data typically gather in feasibility study
  • Critical information to inform from feasibility studies
  • Questions to ask of the people doing the feasibility study
  • How to analyze and interpret the feasibility study for the co-op steering committee

 The cost of this webinar would typically be $35. On account of the impact of COVID-19, we’re making this webinar donation-based and ask that donations be made to Cooperative Development Foundation’s Disaster recovery Fund. All participants must register to receive the link to join the webinar.