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The webinar will consist of two presentations on Food Hub Feasibility followed by a question and answer session.

The first brief presentation is “How to Scare Away Your Consultant.”

A brief discussion on what not to say when trying to engage a consultant to work with you on a potential food hub.

The second presentation will be “ Food Hub Feasibility:  What to know Before Starting”

This webinar looks at what it takes to develop a feasible food hub plan. We will take the audience through the concepts and rules of thumb that often crop up as we work with clients and discuss different ways in which food hubs have addressed them. We will discuss a range of topics including food hub classifications, services, scale, cash flow, growth issues, and common consultant-client interactions.

Presenter info

Dylan Timmerman has over 5 years of experience working on food systems and community development projects, including multiple food hubs across the country. Dylan started with Matson Consulting in 2015 as a Writer and Researcher working with clients on a full range of strategic planning project. He pursued a Master’s in City and Regional Planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dylan is Matson Consulting’s Content Manager. Where he has continued working with clients to craft unique and purpose-driven business and community development plans and solutions.

James Matson has more than thirty years marketing, developing, researching, writing, and teaching experience in management for private, government, and non-profit organizations. Mr. Matson has a long history creating feasibility studies for business owners, government agencies, cooperatives, and other interested entities. In 2000 he created “Cooperative Feasibility Study Guide” which was published by the United States Department of Agriculture Cooperative Programs. In his career as a technical assistance provider to  rural businesses he has written several hundred feasibility studies, more than a thousand business plans, and stopped counting  after he helped clients secure more than $100 Million in grant funding.

Matson Consulting has been working with food hubs across the country for years and understand that every project is unique. The firm has was the lead author on  a USDA Service Report series titled “Running a Food Hub,” which presents lessons learned from food hubs across the nation, provides a guide to food hub business operations, and assesses the financial viability of food hubs.  More information can be found at matsonconsult.com