The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting all corners of the globe and impacting our communities in profound and evolving ways.  As the national network of cooperative developers, CooperationWorks and our members understand that this is a scary and difficult time for co-ops across the country, many of which are small businesses that bear the brunt of the impact of the economy. We also understand that this is a difficult time not just financially, but socially as well. During emergencies, we find comfort in holding our loved ones tight. In a pandemic like this, the best thing we can do is physically distance ourselves from others — something that’s difficult to find comfort in and can be a challenge physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We’re committed to helping co-op developers and co-ops thorugh this crisis. Below you’ll find a regulalry updated list of resources that individuals and co-ops can turn to. This includes everything from informative webinars to links to loan applications to uplifting articles and more. CW is also working on what we’re able to offe to our co-op community as developers. We’ll post our own resources to this page as well. Stay safe and stay well!

CW Resources

CooperationWorks! members are proud to offer a free consulting sessions to co-ops in need during this time. If your co-op needs help with managing the budget in a crisis, applying for emergency loans, or planning for changing in the upcoming year, please fill out this form. You’ll be connected with a developer that matches your needs for “office hours.”

National Resources

  • Check out the Covid Relief Options outlined on the SBA website.
  • The National Cooperative Business Association has created a micro-site to provide regular updates and reosurces for the entire co-op sector. Their site include links to SBA and other emergency loan applications, as well as links to multiple webinars they’ve create to keep the co-op community updated and informed.
  • The Cooperative Fund of New England has putgether a comprehensive list of resilience resources for cooperatives. This includes resources for small buisnesses, legal and HR, and financial assistance. They also have resources for individuals who need financial assistance.
  • Nonprofit Quarterly has a growing list of resources and videos for surviving and thriving during the pandemic.
  • Shared Capital Cooperative is offering emergency loans to co-ops during this time. Your co-op does not need to be a member of SCC to apply.

Regional Resources

By Co-op Sector

Worker Co-ops

Housing Co-ops

  • NASCO has resources for students, mutual aid, emergency loans, and more for those living in housing co-ops throughout the pandemic.

Consumer Co-ops

Producer Co-ops


If you know of any resources that should be listed here but aren’t, please connect with Alex at