Video Challenge: Tell Us Why CooperationWorks!

We know that cooperative enterprise can be transformative for members and the communities they serve. We know that co-ops keep more money in their local economy, are better able to weather economic downturns, and are an important vehicle for building community wealth. It’s time to let the world in on our secret! Get your phone and let the world know why Cooperation Works! Tell us why CooperationWorks! We want to hear from cooperators, co-op supporters, and CW members about why cooperation works for you! Participants are asked to submit videos of no [...]

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Sociocracy: The Worker Co-op Operating System

Posted on November 26, 2019 by John McNamara Over the last couple of years, I have had the incredible opportunity to work with Sociocracy For All (SoFA). This organization has worked diligently to bring the concepts of Sociocracy out of the “best kept secret” category and into the mainstream of organizational culture. I sit on the Co-op Circle for SoFA which meets about every four weeks to discuss the aspects of building sociocratic practices in the co-op community. Sociocracy offers a form of governance and management that operates on the fundamentals of [...]

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